Monday, November 26, 2012

A "First Time" Tale

My  First Time

My first orgasm that I can remember was when I was about 12 or so.  My next door neighbor and I would hide in the bushes and show each other our dicks.  When they would get hard we would play around with them.  One day we were doing this and decided to use them as swords and have a sword fight with them.  We sort of stabbed at each other for a while and mine started to feel quite strange.  I kept doing it, stabbing at him until suddenly mine started to go into hyper-spasm mode, and squirted a thin stream of nearly clear liquid onto his leg.  It shocked both of us, and I quickly wiped it up with his underwear.  And as I suddenly didn't want to be doing anything remotely sexy anymore, we both zipped up and got out of there.
I didn't understand until much later (a year?) that  what I had done was normal, and was part of growing up.  Just like my voice cracking (all my relatives thought it was SOOO cute!), and growing a little bit of hair under my arms (and other places— which I shaved off through ignorance and embarrassment).
The funny thing is I can never in my whole life remember actually having a

"Wet dream".  I guess I always masturbated enough (probably still do...).  I sometimes wonder what I've missed.

RaceR S

"Fluxing" Back to the Future

This story below was submitted by a reader. He talks about an event from his youth, Read-on:

Good Lord! Can you believe it has been about 25 years since "Back to the Future" came out! One of my little buddies and me, we were BTTF junkies. We saw the movie (the first one) numerous times and had every scene and all the lines memorized. Then, when it came out on tape (VHS, remember those!) we watched it constantly. Which lead to what leads to this story of what we did together.

A big wooden shipping crate was in the back yard at my house, which once contained something shipped to my father's shop. He brought the empty crate home for me to play in. My friends and I, we played all kind of games in it. We pretended the crate might be a space ship or a submarine or an airplane, whatever our imaginations created that given day.

 A lot of times my BTTF pal and I, got in the crate and pretended it was the DeLorean. We had exhausted the movie script, so we made up our own BTTF adventures. Every time we played BTTF, one of us always quoted the line:"Flux capacitor..... fluxing." 

 That line was our favorite and whatever else we were doing, we always had to say that several times which was real serious dedication to our favorite movie.

 So on one day, my friend was in front being Michael J. Fox and I was behind him, just a passenger….. I guess?

My horny little bud was doing something that I couldn't see from behind him, and I said "what are you doing?"

He said, "I had to get my flux capacitor out. Get yours out." I didn't understand at all. What he meant, was…. get your dick out! This was the first time we did anything daring like that together. He had his prick poking out of his pants while sitting in the crate and kind of shaking it, saying over and over,
"Flux capacitor..... fluxing! Flux capacitor..... fluxing!"

As for me (at about 13) I had already begun masturbating, although I kept it to myself because of being very shy about things like that and also afraid that it was not good for my dick, and therefore I wasn't going to let anybody know.

It turned out that my friend had just discovered the great secret past time of horny boys also, and developed a hard-on while sitting in the crate and had the urge to give himself a quick job right there in the "DeLorean."

He had me put my hand around him and feel his stiff "capacitor," and he reached behind and touched mine. We were both soon giving our dicks the full treatment, helping each other and talking about how we were Fluxing our Capacitors. One thing he said was kind of funny, "Are you getting any flux yet?" which I knew he meant cum.

So we jacked off together for the first time in the packing crate while quoting BTTF lines at each other.

When he was about to launch he looked all around and got up on his knees and stuck his dick over the side of the crate. His cum spilled on the grass and down the side of the crate. I was scared somebody was going to see us so when I was ready to blast, I shot in the bottom of the crate and rubbed it into the wood with my shoes.

The performance of mutual masturbation became a big part of our young lives. We did it while playing together, or while watching TV (especially the BTTF tape, of course), and especially when we had sleepovers. We would talk about needing to take care of our flux capacitors. Whenever this call to ad lib happened, secretly we’d start jacking. We marveled at our hands moving on in unison on our dicks as they stiffened, this was followed by our famous quote,
"Flux capacitor..... fluxing!"

Anonymous BTTF Fan

Friday, November 23, 2012

Horny Events at the Drive-in

A lot of times in the summer I would go and stay a week or more with my Dad's grandparents. They lived outside of a small town. There was a boy nearby that I was friends with, a kid named Conrad, and we sort of automatically became jerk-off buddies when we reached a certain age. It was a funny friendship because we didn't see each other for maybe a year, and then we would get together every day and be perfectly relaxed to jerk off every so often.

Now if you never lived or visited out in the country, maybe it will surprise you that kids start driving as soon as they can see over the steering wheel. But it is true. I never got to drive at home because it was in the city, but when I went to see Granny and Grandpa, they let me drive an old unlicensed farm truck on the back roads starting at about eleven and by the time I was bigger I would drive Granny's good Ford F150 or Grandpa's dirty old Dodge work truck into town on errands. All the kids drove and the cops thought nothing about it.

So that is how me and my friend Conrad went to a drive-in movie in town one night, just us two, and at about age 15 not legally old enough but nobody cared. We were in Granny's white Ford pickup and watching the movie, getting out to go to the bathroom or the snack bar, and coming back to watch the movie and horse around and just be together as friends. All the normal things. If you never went to a drive-in, you missed something. Drive-in movies were fun.

Sometime during the movie we got horny and talked about our hard dicks and felt of each other and talked about jerking off. Of course we got more and more horny as we talked and felt each other up, we soon pulled our boners out and got each other real primed. We did not want to be seen sitting right next to each other in case anybody would see us from another car! But as anybody knows, who has ever been in a dark, private situation with his horny best bud. We weren't going to pass up an opportunity. We each slid over a little bit toward the center of the seat until we could stretch our arms and manipulate the other guy's boner without seeming to be sitting right side-by-side.

We got immensely horny. I remember telling Conrad my cum was going to dribble out by itself if we didn't hurry up and jerk. So we were going back and forth, jerking each other a little and then jerking ourselves a little, stopping a minute and then feeling the other guy up. Total adolescent boy horniness. All while sitting in Granny's spotless white truck and working slowly but surely toward massive climaxes.
Suddenly, and I don't know why we hadn't thought of this before, I realized we could NOT just wildly ejaculate in the white truck with its pristine upholstery! By now we had our pants down around our thighs and were heading toward cum-city. I panicked.

"Give me something to shoot in," I hissed at Conrad.

"What? What?" he answered, now realizing our predicament himself.

"I don't care! Something! Anything!"

So Conrad grabbed the styrofoam box that an order of onion rings had come in, flipped the lid open, and held it in front of me as I jerked toward my approaching ejaculation.
"Now!" I told him. "Catch it! Catch the stuff!"

But he said "Take it! Take it yourself! I got to cum!"

So at the same time that I was ejaculating into the take-out box, Conrad was moaning "Oh Lord! I'm coming! I'm com*** I'm***** I GOTTA HAVE SOMETHING!"

While I was hanging onto the styrofoam box and delivering a load of sperm into it, Conrad grabbed the bag that our food had come in and stuck it in front of his cock, taking his last few strokes while the paper sack crackled loudly as his hand hit it repeatedly.

"I'm coming! I'm com***! I'm ****** AYAH!"

We were still for a second, both breathing after our grand ejaculations.

But my apprehension caught up with me. I hurriedly pulled up my pants and turned on the dome light: "Look for cum," I ordered Conrad. "Everywhere! Be sure!"

"There ain't none," he swore. "I caught it all."

In a minute the two of us got out of the truck and walked to the garbage can, each carrying a handful of trash that contained more than anybody suspected.

Country Boy’s Rule J

Finding my Super Powers

I know the exact date and time that I produced my first load of cum! (Err Dribble)
Some of the stories here have been dark and psychological. Mine is not anything like that, just a very surprised boy discovering himself. Of course it was very serious at the time, but looking back on it, you can't help laugh at the way it happened.

It was Tuesday, November 1, during the year I turned 13 Sometime between 3:45 and 5:30 in the afternoon, because I was home alone after school. And it was the day after Halloween.

One year earlier, Halloween, the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers were in their first season on TV. I was twelve at the time, a little too old for Power Rangers, but a total fan. I had to be a Power Ranger for Halloween. My big brother thought it was stupid but my mother took me to find a costume. We got the biggest one, a cheap Blue Power Ranger outfit that I had to step into from behind and then tie it together behind my neck.

Now the Power Rangers were in the second season. They were on TV after school. I watched them every afternoon and played with my transformers and Zords.

I was also doing something else while watching TV that Fall. My dick got hard all the time. I would lay on the couch with my dick sticking out of my zipper so I could wiggle it. Sometimes I wore shorts and accessed my stiffie through one of the legs. Occasionally just underwear, which made it easier to play with my hard dick during my TV shows.

At Halloween I wore the same costume again. I was probably too old to be a Power Ranger, but that's the way I was. The costume was too little and my mother said I would rip it, but I wore it anyway for the second year.
On the day after Halloween I had a wonderful idea. I would wear the Blue Ranger costume to watch TV. I stripped to my underwear and climbed into the suit. As usual, I got a hard-on. I could not touch my dick because the only opening through the costume was the back. But I manipulated my dick through the fly of my underwear so that only the thin fabric of the Blue Ranger costume covered my erection.

For totally unknown reasons, this was the day on which my dick became much harder than before. I sat on the couch with my legs stretched out on the floor and my butt right on the edge of the couch. This produced a visual effect that still makes me laugh: my boner caused the costume over my crotch to stick up in a tall point. The Blue Ranger (me!) had a hard-on! I wiggled and squeezed my stiff little dick, the Blue Ranger costume stretched tightly over my boner.

After a great deal of playing around, the inevitable happened. Strange sensations flowed through my body. I was trying to watch TV, was also playing with my dick as usual, but now something very scary was happening to me. Maybe I was getting sick. Maybe I needed to go to the bathroom. Maybe I was going to throw up.

All those maybes went through my mind, but the one thing I never considered was that playing with my dick was the real reason that I felt totally weird.

So, please laugh with me at this situation. Here I am, dressed as the Blue Ranger in a costume that is much too little for me, sitting stiffly on the edge of the couch, trying to pay attention to my TV shows, and my incredibly aroused dick is making the front of the costume poke up like a missile about to take off!

And then the supreme event happened! My dick couldn't take it any longer and ejected my very first load of cum = = = = = INSIDE my wonderful Blue Ranger suit, getting the slimy stuff all over the inside of the costume, all over my underwear, and all over my legs and stomach.

I had never operated the washing machine before, but you can believe me that I quickly learned!

Laugh at naive me, and make your own day a little lighter.

PS: After I became familiar with the common way to masturbate, I made a little hole in the Blue Ranger suit so my dick could stick out. I jerked the Blue Ranger to many a pleasant ejaculation until the costume finally ripped apart.
Submitted Anonymous

Monday, November 19, 2012

Boy Tells the Truth on Girls

One of my friends in Middle School, he liked to jerk with me. Only thing… he was straight. He talked about girls when he would jerk.
Like, he would say he wished his dick was in a girl. I did not know the difference then, about feeling like “gay” or “straight”, but for real, I did not get off to girls. I just seemed to when I was with my guy friends. I talked about tits and girls bodies when I was with him. It was all so I could see his dick getting rigid hard, then to watch him jerk. Shit, I got really hard boners myself and I’d shoot big cum loads, because of him jerking his dick right in front of me.

One day he stole some girl's panties. He rubbed his dick with ‘em. He jerked with them kinda wrapped around his boner. Then he put them around his balls while he jerked. I took them from him and wrapped em’ around my dick and jerked some like he did. For me, it was not because of them belonging to some ol’ girl, but because they’d been on his dick. It was almost like pretending to touch his dick. Man, how I wanted to!

Is that crazy or what?

We jacked for a good 20 minutes most days, but this time it was much faster.
 He shot his cum in the panties. Then I took them and shot mine! For that one moment, it was nice shooting into his cum. I’ve never ever done that with any other guy’s cum.

I blasted good cum-shots all the time with him by faking to like girls. We always talked about big tits, wet vaginas and getting head job's…. but all I was thinking about was hard dicks and getting off to his boner.

 Sometimes when we were about to curl our toes, he’d ask me if I was ready to cum. I think because of him asking me, and me wanting to please him, it was always yes!
I guess we remained friends because of being real horny all the time and from us jerking our dicks together. It was not because of any girls.

Author Anonymous

I am fond of stating that 2 persons maintain and stay in a relationship, for their own reasons. This particular arrangement or “friendship”, might not be what some people would call a relationship. But these 2 guys shared something……. and it was mutual. Apparently the friend occasionally instigated the repeated wank sessions.

 Here and now, only one person admits the pleasure derived from wanking with another male. It is the rawness of sexuality that prevailed, not social decorum inhibiting guilt.

 I think of one particular movie with a similar plot, “Nico and Dani”.
Check it out.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pool Jets for One and Fun

 I observed an occurrence while working as the lifeguard at a country club for rich people in a suburb of Nashville.  It was the summer after I graduated from high school. I was assigned that afternoon to what we called the "medium pool," which was intended for elementary age children who were too big for the baby pool and too young …..(or scared) for the adult pool.

 A boy that looked like he was in late elementary school was among the kids in the pool, his skin nicely tanned as only a young boy's can be.  He kept hanging around the water jets along the sides of the pool, and as I watched him, it turned out that he was moving from one jet to another and apparently positioning his crotch right where the water would give him a massage.  Sometimes he played with the other kids for a while, but he always returned to the jets.  To me (being quite attuned to guy's dicks), it was totally obvious that this boy was fond of receiving pleasure from feeling the water rushing against his privates.

 He was wearing a tight lime-green suit, most likely a Speedo.  After several minutes of enjoying the jets, (during which I watched him intently), he did an astounding thing.  While standing in front of one of the water jets, he briefly pulled the front of his suit down.  I couldn't see his dick through the water, but there was no question what he was doing -- letting the force of the water hit his bare dick for a change, unimpeded by the Speedo.

 I had to keep my eyes on all the kids, but at the same time I could not stop watching this guy.  My previous estimate of his age went up as he continued.  He stepped aside from the jet and stood mashing his pelvis against the tile wall of the pool.  Even though he looked immature, he was certainly aware of his dick and the pleasure he could achieve with it.

 Next…… believe it or not, he simply began to jack off in the pool. He was in water just deep enough that he could kneel on the bottom and hold his neck and head above water.  He faced the wall of the pool, easily in my line of view.  With his left hand he held the Speedo down, and -- although I still couldn't see his dick -- his right hand was jerking back and forth, making choppy waves between him and the side of the pool.

 Apparently, he thought he was doing this in total secrecy.  He looked around from time to time to see where the other kids were, and occasionally looked down at what he was doing to his dick.  When some new kids jumped in and invaded his space, he stood up and walked through the shallow water to a better location.  As he walked he rubbed the front of his suit up and down with one hand.

 Getting back in position on his knees in a better location, he immediately resumed masturbating.  Again he held the front of his suit out of the way with one hand and wiggled himself continuously with the other one.

 If you wonder about my reaction, I had a colossal boner thanks to this horny little dude.  A boner that I had to suffer with because of sitting up there in the lifeguard chair, in full view of everyone if I moved..

 I have to assume that the kid ejaculated, although I didn't see him cum.  All at once he stopped jerking, let go of his suit, and began washing his hands in the water.  With his horny situation taken care of, he swam over to some other kids and began horsing around, perfectly relaxed.

 All the evidence points to a fully completed masturbation executed in a public swimming pool by a little guy who was obviously into puberty although he looked like an unchanged adolescent boy.  There is no reason to think he was putting on a show for me, or anyone, he was simply naive. Absorbed in his young world of fleeting innocence. It could have been an instructional quest to learn how old he was, how long he had been masturbating, and what other locations he had performed in.

Story Submitted Anonymous

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Phil's Story of Alan

This is a reprinted story from a prolific author from UK, who allowed me to publish his works. The following is presented in two fully enjoyable parts.

Alan Part 1

At sixteen I had started to gain confidence and the number of my sexual partners began to rise rapidly. One such partner was Alan and his story follows:

Alan lived around the corner from me and to this day is probably the most attractive boy I’ve ever been with. Blond hair, blue eyes, immaculate teeth and a cheeky disarming grin that made him popular with all the girls. It was strange that in spite of his obvious attractiveness his girlfriend was very plain. Whether he was with her because she was the only one who would drop her knickers or not I never found out but it seemed to me he could do a lot better.

My popularity close to home was growing and as in most cases it was Alan who approached me first (probably not with sex in mind) and we became friends very quickly. Spencer had left a void and if I’m honest I wondered about Alan’s sexuality in spite of the fact he had a steady girlfriend with whom he was regularly having sex.

Alan’s attraction to me was probably because he liked to smoke and drink and knew I had access to both. Nothing happened for ages but when my parents went away for a weekend I took the opportunity to arrange for a sleepover with Alan. The first night I was looking forward to him coming over and arranged for enough to smoke and drink. Well actually quite a lot!

We watched a couple of films as we smoked pot and consumed a fair but not excessive amount of alcohol. Both of us were sat on the sofa and as the night went on I pretended to be drunker than I was and I rested my head in Alan's lap. Alan seemed at ease with this and after a lengthy pause he stretched himself out, the result of which was my head came to rest on the rapidly rising bulge in his trousers.

Alan lightly shook my shoulder and said my name. I didn’t react, acting sleepy….. he tried again. I moved my head slightly into his crotch as though stirring in my sleep with Alan also moved slightly as if adjusting his position for comfort. Only, his penis pressed against my head. It was fully erect by then. I felt Alan’s hand move under my head and for an instant was disappointed thinking he was trying to stop the contact between it and his erection but was surprised when I realized he was undoing his trousers.
“I’m hot” I heard him say as he slipped his jeans down from under me but I still feigned sleep.

He didn’t stop there because I was aware of him taking his shirt off as well. My head still pressed against his erection but now it was just his underpants separating us instead of the harsh material of his jeans. Everything happened very slowly and it must have been frustrating for him (it was for me). I did actually start drifting into sleep….. but Alan had other ideas.

“Wow, it’s really hot in here. Aren’t you hot?” he said softly, but still I didn’t respond.

I felt Alan unbuttoning my shirt and his hand rested on my bare chest. Encouraged I turned over facing away from the television so my head in Alan's lap faced the erection which now pressed against my cheek, very close to my lips. Alan then slowly began fiddling my pants and he undid the button before pulling down the zipper. I felt his hand slip inside my briefs a fraction and as Alan's fingertips came into contact with my penis it twitched involuntarily. After another lengthy pause Alan pulled his hand out of my underpants and reached down under my head again. This time he pulled his underpants down and my lips now rested against the naked shaft of his penis as he put his hand back inside my underpants.

With one hand Alan began masturbating me and with the other he pushed his penis into my face. Obligingly now, I opened my mouth and with a few subtle movements on both our parts I soon had his penis inside my mouth. Alan masturbated me furiously as my tongue went to work. He was quite rough and I was unable to ejaculate because of the aggressive discomfort. Then Alan took my head in both hands and moved it up and down in time to the rhythm his buttocks had begun. He was nearly choking me as he thrust ever more vigorously. Seconds later he literally exploded into my mouth and his penis pulsed many times each one offloading another jet of semen.

He must have been saving himself because it was all I could do to swallow what seemed an excess of fluids and I nearly gagged. Even after all this I still pretended to be asleep and Alan slipped from under me and dressed himself. When done he did my trousers up again as though going along with the ridiculous charade I had slept through the whole thing and after a suitable pause I pretended to wake up. Alan was quite chirpy and it was as if what had just happened, hadn’t!!

Silently I cursed myself because although there was no doubt Alan had enjoyed the experience, I knew I could have given him a better blow-job, and would have been able to encourage my own release. The fact he was sexually active with a girl made me a little bit wary because of what was going on at school at the time between myself and another boy.

Later we went to bed both sharing my single instead of making up the camp bed. I had an erection and it wasn’t going away so after a while when we had finished talking and Alan had gone quiet, I reached over and slipped my hand inside his underpants. He became erect but had clearly had enough sex for one night because he turned onto his stomach so I couldn't get to it. I masturbated as I ran my free hand over his body and settled on his smooth buttocks. Alan shuffled his shoulders in what seemed annoyance but I persevered determined to gain my own satisfaction, in my high state of arousal I soon ejaculated and then we both slept soundly.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

That Summer I was 12

The summer I was 12

I was like many boys at 12, the world was changing, so many things deserved a totally new look or maybe a second look. I was a busy boy that summer helping a friend’s family build a new home. They had bought some land in the country, suitable for a custom built home. It was not elaborate or monstrously large, but sure bigger than the homes from our neighborhood. There were 2 Dad’s doing most of the building, and 4 of us boys  11 and 12 at the time. We earned money for our work as carpenter’s helpers. The work was hard compared to our normal lives. We quickly found we would get teased as sissy’s, if we complained, so we worked diligently without doing any belly-aching. Mostly we hauled things to the Dad’s when they needed more lumber or paint cans, and sometimes tools. I’ll never forget how heavy a 50 pound box of nails was.

When our tasks were complete, there was plenty of time to explore in the woods. Like any boy, this presented loads of fun each day. We never tired of going to the country project house to “help”, especially for our time to wander in the woods. All around the property, we discovered trails and named certain sections of the woods that suited our creative minds. There was Glass Cove, which was likely formed many years prior out of a farmer’s centralized dump spot for all of his glass that he could not burn in his waste barrel. We spent hours busting glass bottles there, and somehow avoided getting cuts.

 Then the area down at the bottom of the property was creek-like and quite thick with brush and weeds. We called this the Severed Head swamp. Although no bodies or heads were found there, the name spoke volumes of our curious adventure and affection for this precious summer in the woods.
 Ultimately we decided that we should have a Fort. No doubt it should be represented by what we have learned with our building skills. (All of one Month as Carpenter’s helpers)

We talked about our plans and dreamed of a multi-level clubhouse with many rooms. When we presented our Fort idea to the Dad’s there seemed to be a few structural support problems coupled by a severe shortage of materials and construction capitol. We were told we could have excess lumber and drops off the job. But we had to limit to a single room idea with our meager income and shortfall of board-foot lumber.

We held a sleep-over to re-engineer our much needed and desired fort. John was quite good at Math and managed to locate some drafting supplies, Pencils, a board and a T-square. With paper under his hand, he brought our plans to the enigma of our design. It was one room indeed, we could build it in a tree, on stilt, or if we liked on a slab with left over concrete. As we poured over our wish list, there was one idea that kept coming up. We wanted a bathroom option. I can’t exactly explain why. Since there were easily hundreds of trees nearby for a boy to go take a wiz behind. Yet the goal of an inside latrine captured many a discussion on the build out. We Knew the Dad’s would never allow this accessory. It became an utter secret. So much of a kept secret to deserve…….
a code-name. It was named “Operation Waterfall”. Our basic formula was, that a discarded garden hose could be easily hidden and routed out of a small crack or hole out of the Fort wall on down to the ground. Inside the structure, a funnel or old plastic milk jug would be attached to the hose as the basin for a boy pisser.

The men had helped building the basic shell and floor. They also threw in a few boards that somehow had not passed muster for the home. We assembled the walls, roof, and somehow managed to keep “Operation Waterfall” our secret design addition. We hid the garden hose in a recycled rain gutter that was ran down one of the stilt legs. We were quite proud of our sly and deceptive invention, we had pulled it off!

It became a bit of a debate as to which boy was to be the first to take a wiz in the new Fort. A winner was selected by a shooting contest at Glass Cove. By this time we had been given the right to use a BB Gun, but we were told that we could not shoot each other or any animals. We each had one shot to bust a glass bottle at 30 paces. I missed, Eli hit a tree and Calvin split a rock.  It was John who hit the glass, shattering it and achieving the high honor or first pisser. We all assembled in the Fort as John unzipped. It was a fascinating moment.  Sure each of us had done a pee before one another heaps of times, but there was something odd about all of your buddies looking at just one guy, as he is there in his raw display. We were like a team of Scientists huddled up to test our theory. There was silence in the Fort with only the sound of the wildlife outdoors.
Apparently John did not need to go so bad. He shook it a few times and no drops formed, clearly no stream of Pee. We chided him a bit. He in turn, shook even harder. Eventually some redness came upon the tip of his privates. Curiously it seemed to be longer. I can’t say for sure if there was some amount of arousal for John, but it sure managed to creep into my pants. I think this was the first time looking at a boy caused this to happen to me. Fortunately nobody was looking at me, but John became embarrassed, put it away and zipped up.

As our first official meeting in the Fort. We cast a vote and decided to hold off the first pee until John was ready. Since he had won the shooting contest fair and square. However he suffered a few blows to his dignity from us three, after the meeting adjourned.

That night alone in my bed, I recalled my reaction of seeing another boy’s parts revealed in a way I had never imagined. It began my own self discovery, and certain pleasures from that endeavor soon arrived.


Caleb's Raucous Pal Devin

Reading the stories on your blog helped me remember not only more details of my early experiences, but also this event that happened more recently. It was some things that I witnessed and was a little in awe of.

Every neighborhood has one. Every generation knows one, that one crazy kid who brings out
unknown sexuality in all the boys he runs with. I have my own stories, but its funny to watch another young guy’s experiences. As seen from my adult point of view. I am now married and have no children, but my wife does.
Our kids are friends with many other kids in the neighborhood. My kitchen window looks diagonally into the neighbor’s back yard, in this instance the trampoline is in the direct line of sight. The neighbors have a boy about the age of my stepson Caleb, the neighbor kid is Devin. One day I see Devin, and three ten year old girls jumping. Obviously discussing something face to face as they jump.
A moment later Devin deliberately yanks down his shorts and boxers. His medium-sized, curley blonde haired, blue eyed visage equipped with a clearly circumcised  penis bounces at every jump as the girls stare on. They seemed to get nervous and leave. Ol’ Devin remains exposed for ten to fifteen minutes, kicking his shorts and underwear aside. Left alone only in socks and a tee-shirt, he spent most of that time developing....An erection. I guess his parents are never home
much, and getting caught is not a concern for him.
A few weeks later I pass that window to notice Devin and my pre-teen stepson Caleb crouching in the bushes outside there. They were speaking intensely. Then they both stand up,
still talking, no motion however they have their pants down. Devin drops to his knees. My stepson follows suit, waits a moment, then pulls his shorts up. Devin, obviously begins to protest, shorts still down, erection forming, he drops to his knees. He apparently begins pleading with my stepson in some way. Caleb, looking annoyed, drops his shorts again revealing his flaccid penis.
I could not be sure of the words but it seemed that Caleb initiated with,
“I have my Dick out are you gonna do something with it?
Suddenly like a viper Devin takes it in, smashing his nose all crinkled against Caleb’s groin.
Their innocence was obvious as this motionless display froze in time for seemingly hours, but it was only maybe 20 or 30 seconds.

I’ll admit, I was getting aroused, as this familiar scenario had played itself out many years ago between two other boys, one being me.
It’s an experience many men have shared, but few speak of.

What kind of stepdad would I be to say nothing... I had an idea….
Through the house, to the front door.
 “Caleb, …… Dinner!”
He arrived quickly, looking down as he entered the house.

 Without a single expression or thought, I did a tossle of his hair with my open palm.
“It’s been a full day Lil Dude, let’s eat and watch Movie on the couch”
He looked up and a tight lipped smile grew on his face.

I said nothing of it to him, or anyone else….until now.

Chris Stevens

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blog Update

Sorry guys I actually have some stories to post, but so many other things have kept me from the work here. Please check back in a few days. We will have some new stories for you guys.