Monday, January 21, 2019

The Adventures of Mark ( I want to try something!)

(This is where things get much more heated as I explain my first blowjob and jacking with Francis. Puberty sure made me do reckless things but none I regret, I'm sure many of you can relate, lol. Enjoy!)

Once Sam fell asleep, Francis and I began  talking, still remaining close to each other. The short boy was sitting on my lap, and had asked me,

"So, how long did you like me?"

I had replied, my cheeks heating, "A while, honestly. You're just really nice-looking to me." Francis let out a hum while I stroked his hair. It just felt so natural to have him in my arms.

Francis then asked another question, one that made me heat up. "So...have you ever jacked off to me?" When he turned and saw my silent reaction, he let out a giggle, "You have!"

I sigh, "Okay, yeah, I have." He gave yet another of those damn cute giggles, and kissed my lips. As I kissed back, I had pulled one of the blankets on the bed over us. Francis' slim body was now laying on mine.

When I broke from the kiss with a pant, I gained a confused look. Why was he asking these questions? When I asked this, he whispered something in my ear.

"Because I want to try something..."

I remembered my confusion, and how naive I was. He sank into the blanket, and I couldn't see his beautiful face. I felt my underwear get pulled down under the blanket. When I started to speak again, the best feeling washed over me.

The feeling I now know to be lips around the head of my cock.


My hands squeezed the bed-sheets and I lolled my head back, feeling waves of pleasure as Francis sucked me off. I didn't know there was any feeling like this! I covered my mouth to mask a groan and prevent Sam from waking, feeling the pleasure travel down to the base of my then seven-inch (My brother kept yearly records of this,but that's a story for another time). I lifted the blanket to see what Francis was doing and found the deed, seeing the brunette sucking down to the base. I remembered my mix of shock and pleasure, clutching his sweet curly hair. How could he take it all like that?

Starting to get used to the feeling, I began lifting my hips a few times, thrusting. The biggest thing I remember about this night was our cohesiveness. It was like we understood each other, even when it was my first time being sucked. Grabbing his hair tighter, I wanted to thrust more, and so I asked, "Can I...?" Francis pulled out and let out loud breaths for air, much to my pleasure's dismay. A string of saliva connected my member and his lips.

He replied with a smile, short of breath, "Do...what" He took a few deep breaths, then pushed my dick back in his mouth. I grabbed his hair and began thrusting up and down, watching with wonder as my cock disappeared down his throat. As my orgasm was getting close, I began thrusting in overdrive. My vision became blurry, and I could only hear Francis' occasional choking and the sound of my package making contact with his chin. I finally let out an unrestrained groan, one I couldn't hold in.

It was the largest release of cum I felt, larger than any I experienced jacking off. I can remember around 8 to 10 spurts of cum, feeling my muscle expand and contract in Francis' mouth. The best part was hearing Francis swallow it all. He closed his eyes and gulped it down.

I looked at him as he laid on my sweaty heaving chest and asked, "Where did you kearn that...?"

Francis smiled and said to me, lips coated with white gel,"Tried it on myself one night. Was it...good?"

I nodded, "Y-yeah...let me help you in return..." I turned him over, so his back laid on my chest. I felt him squirm as his rear nudged my semi-hard dick. One arm around his waist, I placed the other hand on his smaller member. For about half an hour, we stayed under the covers, me ministering his crotch above his pink tanga briefs. It was a beautiful night, with him squirming on my chest and letting out cute moans while I kissed the back of his neck and jacked him off. When he finally let out a squeal and I felt wetness on his briefs, I knew what happened.

The rest of this night I don't remember much, but since I woke up Saturday morning with Francis still in my arms, I assume we eventually fell asleep. Saturday was filled with more fun and games with cuddling at night with Sam, along with Sunday. This one memorable Friday night however, made Francis and I frequent lovers - and eventual boyfriends.

(I hope you enjoyed! If it interests you all, I'm considering talking about my first time having intercourse as a teen.)

Sunday, January 20, 2019

What's it mean to be Young and Effiminate

This is a comment from the story  G,B or T at Eight? 
I think it brings forth a topic, worthy of discussion at anytime.

I was in third grade when I knew I was gay. I loved seeing my brother and dad in white briefs. Pro wrestling was my favorite....

 My aunts son is in 4th grade. They asked me if I think hes gay. He loves dancing, looks gay. He is also handsome. Talks bout underwear etc. Likes to be in his briefs grabbing himself.

I dont know if he is? He can grow out of having female mannerisms. Definitely not an age to tell him its ok to be gay etc. Let him decide and only he can decide.

A reader commenting as "What"

Saturday, January 19, 2019

The Long & Constant Jerker

For me, ninth grade was the first time I saw penises on display. I already knew how to jack-off. I loved shooting my load. Sometimes I looked at my dick in the mirror. It hung slightly to one side. I was afraid it was deformed because I wanked it every day.

 Then I went to high school and had to take PE. There were lots of peters that hung in different ways. Some were "normal" (what I thought was normal) and some hung at an angle. I was sure that I could tell whether a boy liked to jack by looking at his dick. If it hung straight down he did not jack off (I thought). The boy that blew my mind away had an unusual dick, long but not very thick. It hung down at a definite angle. And not only that, it was kind of twisted so that his pee slit was turned almost 90 degrees. I had that guy all figured out. He must be a constant jerker. I decided he was the champion masturbator of the whole class because of the unmistakable way his dick looked. I was flat-ass wrong, of course. Everybody's dick is different and those with curves and twists and angles are just as normal as those that hang straight down. But my "system" of peeking at dicks and grading jackers by the way their dicks dangled kept me horny that year of PE.


Monday, January 14, 2019

Adventures of Mark - (Frances In Jail, Captures Me)

Mark continues the story of the Night his Crush came to visit for a Sleep-over. As things get more intense some of you might squirm, but  I remind you there are no rules in the ways of attraction, and love. To some it's far more than just a quick shared wank and back to playing vid games. These boys are already in High School, and emotions are often developing at an alarming rate by that age. So read-on to see what is next for these three boys.

 As the movie continued, Francis, Sam, and I started to move closer, talking to each other and gasping from the many action-packed scenes. Francis was leaning on my shoulder, and I had an arm around his lithe, soft waist. I even occasionally rubbed his side with the same hand, eliciting hums from the brunette boy. Sam was behind both of us, hand on both of our shoulders. I really enjoyed the way Francis submitted to my hold. And I couldn't help but glance down at his rear every now and then.

  Once we finished the 3 movies we had prepared (which I cannot recall what they were), we played many games well into the night. Most were board games like Monopoly or card games like Go Fish. But one particular game I enjoyed the most: Cops and Robbers.

  It was starting to get dark, and my parents usually fell asleep at this time, leaving us young teens to our own devices. So we decided to play Cops and Robbers in the house. This game was sort of like Hide and Seek, but a bit different. One person (the cop) would stay in my brother and I's bedroom and count to 50 while the others hide. Then the cop would seek out and find the others. If he found someone, the cop would chase the hiders (robbers), until he grabs them, in which they would be considered "cuffed". They would finally be pulled back into the bedroom, where the jail was.

"I'll be the cop!" I volunteered. "Get ready to run!"

Sam and Francis ran off out of the bedroom, my bulge returning as I saw Francis' bouncing rear while he ran. I turned and closed my eyes, counting.


  I heard shuffling downstairs, and kept counting.


  As I reached 50, I shouted, "Here I come!" and headed out of the bedroom, looking around. I checked the bathroom, opening the shower curtain. No one there.

  I then ran down the steps, which creaked a bit. I immediately heard footsteps running nearby, followed by giggling. I was close. I ran into the kitchen, and saw no one. When I left again, I moved slowly. It seemed that whenever I found their hiding spot, they would run. As I crept slowly, I smiled to see the half naked Francis in the living room behind a sofa, facing away from me. He didn't see me. I slowly approached, then grabbed him from behind, placing my arms around his waist and tugging, "Got you!" Francis let out a surprised shout, saying, "No way! How did you find me?!" Despite his "surprise", he leaned his back to connect with my bare chest. I pushed him over the sofa, pretending to cuff him by grabbing his wrists and pulling them together in front of him.

  "It was easy!" I replied smugly, as I pushed him on. But Francis began to fall limp, landing on the couch. He looked back at me and said, "You'll have to pick me up if you want to arrest me!" I rolled my eyes and wrapped my arms around his waist again, scooping him up. Because he was short and light, I had almost no problem. He wrapped his legs around my waist and my cheeks heated, watching him place his still "cuffed" arms around my neck like a necklace. I carried him upstairs, and he rested his head on my shoulder. Once we arrived at the bedroom, I placed him on the bed and said, "Alright, you're in jail. Sit tight while I fin-"

  Then the most amazing moment happened. This very moment is what sparked my relationship with Francis. I felt my erection increase when the brunette's soft lips connected with mine. I can almost remember this perfect kiss like yesterday. I didn't even kiss back because I was so surprised. I simply brought Francis to his feet and held his waist. Minutes had passed, and now I had pinned Francis against the wall, blinded by the beautiful kiss. The brunette lifted his leg a bit and I held his thigh up. Our bodies were glued together while we made out. After a few minutes, I heard from behind me the door close and a voice say,

"I knew you two would hit it off."

  I immediately broke from the kiss and let Francis go, my face feeling flushed. Francis appeared to be embarrassed as well. I stuttered, "U-Um, Sam-"

  He interrupted with a smile,"I know my little brother. You guys were made for each other." At the time, I thought Sam would me mad or jealous. But later, I realized that brother Sam just liked seeing me happy. He is the best brother I could ask for. I ran to him and hugged him softly, "Thanks, Sam..." He pat my back and replied, "No problem. I just hope you know I still want to cuddle both of you." I laughed and I heard Francis' giggles from behind me. And so, all three of us sat on the bed, watching some TV. However this time, Francis was on my lap, with my arms around me. Sam had eventually fell asleep, leaning on me.

  But despite this, the night was not quite over...

-To be continued...


(The final parts of this night will be my next post. But remember, there's a Saturday and Sunday~)

Friday, January 11, 2019

Adventures of Mark Part II (Frances Comes to Sleep-over)

 Frances was due to arrive any minute, I was just placing the snacks on the bedroom table in the room that I shared with my brother. Popcorn, candy, a little soda with some cups. I wasn't sure what he liked, so I got what I could. I heard the doorbell ring followed by my brother Sam calling out from another room, "Someone is at the door!"

 I smiled and got excited, already guessing who it could be. As soon as I unlocked and opened the door, I was met with what I expected; a cheerful "Hi!" followed by two arms around my neck. I hugged back and felt my cheeks warm up.
"H-Hey, Francis..."

 My crush was here. As he broke from the hug, I gotta better view of what he was wearing. It was relatively warm at the time, so he wore a gorgeous purple tank top that hugged his slim form. In addition, he had slim jeans to cover his legs. Finally, a magenta hoodie was tied around his waist by the sleeves. If I didn't have such good composure, I might've kissed him right then and there. But I remembered that I have to take things slowly.

 With a smile, I motioned him to come in. He walks in with that same charming grin and ran to Sam, hugging him as well. I notice a purple suitcase at the porch and pull it in, since I knew it was his clothes for the weekend. Francis thanked me and grabbed his suitcase from me, "You're so polite~"

 Damn it, how cute he is! I felt so flustered from his comment. He then asked, "So, where are we hanging out?" I reply, "We're gonna watch TV and movies, if that's fine with you.

 Francis agreed with a nod, as he took the hoodie off of his waist and placed it on a nearby chair. He also slipped off his shoes and socks. "C'mon" I said and we all raced upstairs, Sam and I leading the way to the bedroom. As we entered, Sam ran to the closet to grab our box of movies while Francis and I plopped on the bed. I said to him, "I didn't know what you liked, so I kind of got everything..." I gestured toward the table of soda, candy, crackers, and other snacks. Francis gave me a hug and replied, "Well, you're nice enough to care." As Sam placed the box of movies on the bed, he said to Francis, "Hey, Mark and I are going to change to get ready for the movie night. You're free to do the same if you'd like."

 Francis smiled, "No problem, I can wait!"

 Now, for those who haven't read some of my stories that I have posted here before (which is more than likely most of you), Sam and I's way of changing to relax is really just...well...being in underwear.

 Francis' face seemed to turn red a bit when he noticed us taking off our shirts, then our pants. I was wearing red briefs while Sam wore blue boxers. Francis said with a slight smile, still looking flustered, "Well um...should I do the same?" Sam replied, patting his shoulder, "We won't judge."

 Francis nodded, first taking off his shirt. "Now is not the time for springing!", my mind screamed to my slowly growing bulge. He had a smooth, beautiful body. Next, he took off his pants and I was so surprised to see him wearing pink tanga briefs. I felt my mouth involuntarily gape. The only reason I knew this was because Sam had lifted my chin so my mouth closed again, looking out for me.

 We chose a movie and inserted it in the DVD player. We sat down together and I leaned on Francis' shoulder, while Sam leaned on his other shoulder.

 And so, the night began...

(To be continued).


Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Adventures of Mark Part I (Francis My Dream Boy)

Hi, this is Mark! As promised, I will explain my first experience with a boy.

At the time, I was 14 and my brother was 15,and we went to the same school. Of course, since we both were gay, we didn't mind whispering to each other about the cutest boys there. But there was one that I liked the most.

His name was Francis, and he was in most of my classes. Unlike most, he was confident in his feminine features, with a cute slim waist, and a noticeably plump rear and thighs. He had gentle caramel skin and the most beautiful green eyes you had ever seen. I almost drooled sometimes when I watched his bouncy and curly brown hair. He was slightly shorter than me also. He was very smart, which is something I always sought for in a boyfriend.

But the best part about him was that he loved to hug and be touched.Sometimes in our Physical Education classes, when we played games and his team would win, he would hug the boy closest to them. And mostly, the boy he hugged would simply hug back.Most of his best friends were girls, but there were two boys he enjoyed talking to: Me and my older brother.

One day, as my brother and I grabbed our lunch from the cafeteria and sat down, Francis had sat beside us and smiled, "Hi Mark! Hey Sam!" He gave my older brother a big hug, then came to me. As he wrapped his arms around my neck, I wrapped mine around his waist.

I started with the usual small talk between my brother and Francis, such as how he was doing,if he did well on the recent test or quiz, or just talking about the recent news.

Finally, I blurted out, somewhat loud and nervous, "Do you want to sleepover with us this weekend? " I felt heat rise in my cheeks. Why did I say that? I really did like him, and that made me nervous he would say no.

So it came to my surprise and excitement when a chipper, "Sure! What time?" came from Francis' soft voice. Sam and I silently high-fived under the table. It was like we scored a date to us. We took the same school bus home, and we lived in the same neighborhood, so it wasn't hard. And similar to my parents, his parents didn't really care if he hung out with other friends, as long as he got good grades, which he told me a while back.

Sam replied for me, "What about after school, you go to your house and get clothes, then come over as soon as you can?" He nodded at us both and said, "Deal!"

Time to skip to after school and on the school bus, my brother and I smiled to see Francis enter the school bus with his backpack, wanting to sit beside us. The bus seat was big enough to have room for all three of us. Sam scooted out and let Francis sit in the middle, between us. We talked, laughed, and occasionally made jabs at each other. Once the bus reached Francis' stop, he said, "I'll see you guys soon!" I was sad to see him go, but happy I would see him later. My brother and I hugged him and he left, jogging into his house. Sam and I then began discussing in whispers as the bus rolled into motion again.

"He's cute, isn't he?"
"Yeah. You liiiiike hiiiim!"
"Shut up! You like him too!"
"Well, you've got me there.

Once we got to our house, we began planning snacks and movies for the weekend.

 ..To be continued! Also, Happy New Year!


Monday, January 7, 2019

Blake Won

Author's Introduction
My purpose in submitting this somewhat long experience is not to embarrass or belittle the person involved - nor to offend any reader who is sensitive to beautiful people like the one I am calling "Blake." Instead of that, I hope we can appreciate how naive, spontaneous and innocent Blake's actions were and how intense his physical need must have been.  For those who recognize this incident, I submitted it years ago to the old blog operated by Oddity and known as First Experiences Raw. That blog later shut down.
I was a high school senior and volunteered to be a "big brother" on an outing for special students.  It was an athletic competition tailored to the needs of the participants. Each special child was paired with a mainstream partner.

Prior to the trip the volunteers and special kids spent time getting to know each other. Blake was fifteen or sixteen, but he only had the social and intellectual skills of a much younger boy. I learned to interact with him on his innocent level while keeping ready to provide protection and advice if needed. We became friends and in accord with the rules, we sat together on the bus.

The field events and ball games were difficult for Blake. He had serious coordination problems that prevented him from participating in any kind of ball sport. He was quickly frustrated, limited to contests such as the rope-pull. 

However, late in the afternoon Blake entered a free-style foot race and won third place! Everybody was thrilled for Blake, especially me. He was the proudest kid you can imagine, strutting around and showing off the medal hanging around his neck.

The win was clearly a major milestone for Blake, probably one of the best things that had ever happened to him. He was hyper-excited, running up to complete strangers, shaking the medal at them, and announcing "I won!"

It took us a while to get seated in the bus because Blake wanted to make sure everybody knew that he'd won the foot race. The fact that he'd taken only third place made no difference to him. He was delirious with joy, exchanging high-fives with everyone in sight. 

Finally we were in our seats, Blake next to the window and me on the aisle. As soon as we were settled, he told me "I won!"

"I know!" I answered for the umpteenth time. "Good job!"

"I won," he said over and over, his words becoming softer as he constantly repeated them. And at the same time that he he whispered to himself, he seemed to discover what was inside his shorts. Blake simply touched himself at first. Then he began squeezing his crotch. He continued to whisper "I won!" while rearranging and manipulating his privates.

Soon Blake had an obvious cone of fabric making an unmistakable tent in his nylon shorts. He now became preoccupied with his boner, still whispering "I won!" while he mashed and squeezed his erect dick.

And then Blake began the activity that I'd been fearing. He put his fingers around the pillar of nylon and slid them slowly up and down, as if he was testing the operation of his hand. Rather than surrounding his tent with a closed fist, he placed his fingers parallel to his dick and slid them up and down. At first he barely touched his nylon bulge, moving his fingers gently, stopping after every few strokes to re-position his stiffie or give himself a squeeze. Sometimes he forced the cloth all the way down to his groin so that his nylon-clad erection made a definite tower above his belly. Then he resumed stroking the tall bump that made his nylon shorts poke up. Completely heedless of a bus full of people, Blake settled into a pattern of repetitious strokes that gradually became faster until his fingers were performing a definite masturbation.

I was horribly embarrassed for him. "Blake, people can see what you're doing," I whispered, leaning toward him. "Let's don't do that."

"Oh," he answered, looking puzzled. He remained still for a few seconds, thinking it over and periodically squeezing his hidden dick which was still sticking up like a tent pole even though he wasn't touching it. Then he made a decision and changed his technique. Blake now lifted his elastic waistband with his left hand. Next he inserted his right hand completely into into his pants. This alteration hid his hand but it did not hide his activity. The hand inside his pants was now going back and forth, making a constantly visible bumping effect. His entire lap was soon banging around.

Blake, the gentle boy with the mind of a little child, was masturbating the erection of Blake the needy teenager. I picked up his gym bag and set it on my thigh in an effort to hide what Blake was doing.

In telling this story I'm now going to skip several minutes during which Blake calmly masturbated in a bus full of people while I felt the heat of humiliation creeping up my neck and across my face. He continued to wank inside his shorts, and his lap continued to pulse with his strokes.

I hoped the gym bag was hiding his wank but I had a feeling that anybody who looked our direction knew exactly what Blake was doing. To make things worse, I had sprouted a colossal hard-on of my own that I did not dare touch.

Blake continued to stroke himself, stopping once to pull the waistband  further open, apparently so he could take a look at his hard-on. Then he resumed pumping himself, both hands now inside his shorts. From time to time he whispered "I won!" while he jacked off in total innocence. As his masturbation progressed Blake appeared to become hypnotized, completely unaware of his surroundings, staring fixedly at his bumping lap and whispering "I won." I tried not to look, not to watch the poor boy's public wank. But his throbbing shorts were constantly visible in the corner of my eye. 

My young special friend sped up, apparently going for broke. I couldn't tell whether other people were observing him or not; I was too mortified to look around in the bus. Blake, now trembling with more rapid effort, whispered over and over "I won!"

He was about to say those magic words once more when his climax hit and he jumped. At the instant that he flinched, Blake made a strange noise. Not words, as far as I could tell, just a strange incoherent sound that seemed to express his happy joy at his orgasm.

Blake had finished stroking himself. Now he pulled his hands out  and wiped them on his pants.  Having successfully jacked off, Blake sat perfectly still with both hands clamped around his crotch. A ragged pattern of dark wetness oozed through the fabric of the shorts.

"I won!" he whispered, leaning toward me while straightening his shorts. "I won!"

"You sure did," I told him, wondering if he might mean this time that he'd "won" his masturbation.

Now, here's my take on this experience: What Blake did inside his pants was a celebration of his win. True, he celebrated in a way that society would not have approved of - yet I think that given Blake's innocence, he must have felt that his spontaneous masturbation was a very satisfactory conclusion to his day.

I was completely embarrassed for the kid, but I strangely felt he had achieved an additional bit of happiness to go with his foot race win.  As for me, I was mad as hell at myself because of a spreading feeling of warm, wet goo that had flooded my own crotch within seconds of Blake's climax.

The story has a "PS". Blake's parents were thankful and gracious to me when we returned to the school. The boy himself was just completely delighted about everything:  the day, the medal, the bus ride, his friendship with me -- just everything. I was scared that he would even brag on his masturbation, but he kept that to himself. However, when they got Blake home and undressed him, it must have been obvious that Blake had ejaculated. I steeled myself for trouble, but nothing ever happened.
Regi Sharp

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Normal Teen Boys

 I could focus on the mutual sessions I had with my friend but to be honest I don't see anything all that special about them. It was pretty tame as stories go, just a couple of 14 year old boys, both circumcised, both average sized, both white. He'd jack his and I'd jack mine and every now and then we'd help each other. We tried oral, I got "it" in his eye and he gave me a milk mustache (and goatee). So that's how it went  fir us,  we jacked off together when we were alone

We did it sometimes when he'd baby-siitting his sister but we could only do it if she was asleep.As long as we could get to go to sleep, we'd go do our thing together. to sleep.

 Well, one day I found out from EVERYBODY out that he got in trouble for doing some very messed up things to his sister. I had never done anything to his sister but because we were jackoff partners and had even done it in the same house when his sis was asleep I was scared that my name would somehow come up and I'd be implicated in the whole thing. Anytime someone brought it up it made me nervous but my name was never brought into it.

Just to be clear the only sexual activity for me happened only between he and I.